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ML 350 BlueTECWhen it comes to comparison between the BMW and Mercedes became the hot situation. In today’s test will compare two of the most environmentally friendly diesel engine ever build. Both SUV’s which will compare at this test are powered by six cylinder diesel engines with turbo system technology.

2010 Mercedes ML350 BlueTEC 2011 BMW X5 3.0d (EU version) Mercedes






Engine V6 / 2987 turbo diesel I6 / 2993 turbo diesel 7 10
Horse power @ rpm 211 @ 3400 245 @ 4000 6 8
Torque USA (lb-ft @ rpm)

EU ( NM @ rpm)

398 @ 1600 398 @ 1750 9 9
540 @ 1600 540 @ 1750
Fuel economy USA(mpg)

EU(L/100 km)

23 mpg 26 mpg 7 9
10,4 9,2
Wight    USA (lbs.)

EU (kg.)

5008 4960 7 7
2272 2250
0-60 mph / (0-100 km/h) 8,5 7,4 6 8
0-80 mph / (0-130 km/h) 14,5 11,8 5 8
Cargo Volume USA(cu. ft.)

EU (liters)

18-72 21-62 9 9
500-2050 620-1750
Noise in cabin 60 mph (100 km/h) 63 dB 63 dB 8 8
Maximum load USA (lbs.)

EU (kg.)

1406 lbs. 1113 lbs. 9 7
638 kg. 505kg.
Attachment capacity (with brake / without brake) USA (lbs.)

EU (kg.)

7716/1653 lbs. 7716/1653 lbs. 8 8
3500 / 750 3500 / 750
Maximum speed 130 mph 130 mph 6 6
210 km/h 210 km/h
CO2 195 g/km 239 g/km 9 8
MSRPrise           USA $49,700

(£40,910 in UK)

(£43,980 in UK) 8 7
60-0 mph (100-0 km/h) USA(ft.)

EU (meters)

118 ft. 121 ft. 7 6
36 meters 37 meters
Ride comfort 10 9
Handling on the road 8 7
Handling off road 8 6
Space inside the car 10 9
Design 9 8
Final Result 156 157

X5_BMW_30dFrom Mercedes are mounted in your model V-twin diesel engine with a displacement of 2987 cm3 with an output power of 211 horsepower and the angle between the pistons – 90 degrees. BMW are supporters of ordinary inline engines, so the BMW X5 30d are mounted inline six-cylinder engine with volume of 2993 cm3Mercedes_ML_350_BlueTEC and an output power is 245 hp. Maximum torque in both diesel engine is 540 Nm, this indicator is one of the biggest advantages of diesel engines. From BMW do not offer this modification for USA market. For customers from the America, BMW offering diesel modification called X5 3.5d model, whichML 350 BLUETEC has TwinPower Turbo technology through which power is increased to 265 horsepower. This specification starting from $ 51,300 MSRP. For this comparison, we chose a weaker version of the BMW 3.0d, which is for Europe market. ML 350 BLUETECIn the countries of Europe, diesel versions are very popular due to rather high fuel prices. Diesel engines are much more economical than the gasoline modifications. The weight of both cars is almost the same, 2250 kg for BMW and 2272 kg to Mercedes. On acceleration from standstill BMW is doing much better than the Mercedes ML , 0-60 mph / (0-100 km / h) New_BMW_X5_3.0_DX5 is launched for 7.4 seconds, while the ML needed 8.5 seconds, in acceleration to 80 miles (130 km / h) X5 is faster with honors three seconds, which is overwhelming advantage for BMW. The maximum speed of both cars are exactly the same 210 km / h. After this result we can reasonably assume that the presentation of BMW in extreme driving is quite good. In test for ride comfort ML is presented better than X5,X5_3.0_D but the difference is not so big. The proposed space for ML is slightly more than in the BMW. In terms of exterior design the two cars look quite impressive; our favorite here is the Mercedes ML. For comparison the price we used the MSRP of both cars in the UK, because that modification of the X5 is not available for USA market. In terms of riding off-road both cars are not among our favorites, however, ML is have little advantage.

Our advice: The undisputed winner in terms of sport driving is BMW X5 3.0d, in terms of comfort Mercedes has a slight advantage, but our choice is the BMW X5 3.0d.




  1. Englewood used BMW says:

    Hi there, not only this site is great but the car models which are mentioned in this post are also fantastic. But if i am asked to choose one of them, then i will go for BMW rather than a Mercedes.

  2. Westport mercedes ML350 says:

    Thanks for the detailed description of this Mercedes. You have made a great compare among Blue TEC and BMW. Very interesting and stunning post by you.

    Keep on posting in such format to easily understandable. Cool…

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