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2012-Chevrolet-Cruze-diesel-engineGM planning to add diesel engines developed in Europe in the Buick models. Most likely the first new diesel engine will be installed in the Verano. Four cylinder 2.0L diesel will deliver power of 151 hp. and will be identical to that of the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze Diesel.

Current Buick models are developed by European Opel division, where diesel is extremely popular ( in countries such as France and Spain, over 70 % of new cars are powered by diesel engines , as a general for Europe this fuel rate over 55 of all new cars).

Unfortunately, at the moment, GM no hasn’t 6 cylinder diesel engine. Currently, the most powerful diesel engine modification is offered in the model INSIGNIA (Europe) and delivers 195 horsepower (which is not enough for American standards).

2015 Buick Encore will also get a diesel version, as part of the ambition of the GM, to promote the model.




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